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How to import in France, in the DOM-TOM, or internationally from China?

Importing products from China is a matter of trust. The most important thing is communication with the supplier and sometimes it is difficult to be heard if your team does not speak English or Chinese. 
By working with Réunion International Import, you will have the opportunity to communicate your needs to suppliers. Once it has been selected, all you have to do is ensure the transport of the goods to the desired destination, ensuring quality control, and above all not neglecting the costs to be paid at the port of destination as well as customs taxes. Réunion International Import can support you from sourcing to home delivery in France, DOM-TOM (Reunion Island for example), or even internationally.

How to source products in China?

Everyone knows that sourcing products has become very easy thanks to the internet, the remaining problem today is communication. If you have already found your supplier, Réunion International Import will be able to guide you and take over by ensuring delivery to the desired location.

Is it risky to import from China?

Not at all! Just check your sources, most factories today have a verifiable profile on the internet, making transactions more and more secure. In addition, it is always possible to buy a sample in order to check and control the quality of the product. Réunion International Import will guide you and take over by ensuring delivery to the desired location.

Is it cheaper to import from China?

Whether you import from China or elsewhere, and as a professional, if you import in quantity, it is obvious that you will have a lower cost than at your wholesaler or in retail. Réunion International Import can thus also assess the feasibility of your project.

Why import products from China?

China has become the world's number one exporter, not surprisingly, the country is either the only one to offer certain products or one that offers a quality product at a reduced price. Thus, Réunion International Import can guide you in this country and ensure that your project  be a success.

Which product can Reunion International Import Limited source, import?

Reunion International Import Limited can source, import any type of product, material, the limit is your imagination. Classics of plasterboard construction, rebar, square tube, Reunion International Import Limited can also meet all your requests: aquaculture, agriculture, electronics, kitchen equipment, vehicle (shovel, mini-shovel), lighting, electrical equipment, scaffolding , and many others.


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